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You already know that proper irrigation is vital to having a healthy, happy lawn and garden. So, let’s jump right into the 'how' of making irrigation happen.

In a nutshell, it comes down to one basic rule: have the correct system in the correct place.

That's why the proper design and planning for your irrigation system is so important. Your system will have to fit your landscape's specific needs. Some people may have more grass to manage. Others may want environmentally friendly options.

Three Basic Ways to Irrigate


Standard lawn irrigation system that's intended for grass. Heads pop up from the ground (hence the name) and spray water over the surface of your lawn.


Essentially, micro-irrigation is the same as pop-up, but smaller. Instead of watering all over a large area, micro-irrigation is designed to target specific zones in a garden.


Drip irrigation is done underground. Water is directed right onto the plant's roots. This way, there's less evaporation and the water is used more efficiently.

Why Choose the Happy Landscaper?

Because our irrigation systems are designed to work specifically with your landscape setup. Do you have city water, or are you on a well system? It makes a difference.

Plus, you'll receive full instruction on how to use your new system, and how to properly maintain it. It just makes sense.

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