If you have plants that are early-blooming, make sure to prune them only after that plant has bloomed.

Who Is the Happy Landscaper?

The Happy Landscaper was started in 1993 by Paul Fisher and he has been the company’s sole owner for the past 18 years. What began as just a couple of staff doing small residential landscapes has now grown into a company capable of everything from small residential properties to large commercial jobs and everything in between. The company owns all its own equipment so we don’t subcontract any of our work. In this way when someone hires The Happy Landscaper they know who they are getting. This also greatly increases our ability to get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

In addition to landscape installation the company also does property maintenance. From full service annual contracts to one time yard cleanups our maintenance department is capable of doing whatever you require to keep your property looking its best.

While we have tried our best to have our website give a comprehensive representation of everything we do that doesn’t mean if you don’t see it we don’t do it. All consultations and quotes are free so if you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.
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